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Soyeon was born on October 5, 1987 in Anyang, GyeonggiSouth Korea. Her birth name was Park In Jung (朴仁静). In 2005, she took part and was awarded the Gold Award (1st Place) for the CMB Chin Chin Singing Competition. Soyeon has studied at the prestigious Anyang High School of Arts, located in Anyang, GyeonggiSouth Korea.

sso,,, cue~!

sso,,, cue~!

Soyeon was formerly a trainee under SM Entertainment, preparing to be a member of girlgroup GirlsGeneration. However, she left the company six months before their debut due to personal circumstances. After debuting with T-ara she revealed on the show Taxi that at that time she felt the opportunity came so easily and she was in two minds, not fully prepared for the debut.

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